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Château Dauphiné-Rondillon


Grape varieties: 70% Sémillon, 30% Sauvignon Blanc
Château Dauphiné-Rondillon is a syrupy white wine of great finesse composed of a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon and Muscadelle.  Château Dauphiné-Rondillon dates back to 1929. These wines are difficult to describe as the developed aromas are rare and unique. However, the complexity and balance of the aromas, found after 70 years of aging, are the sign of very high quality wines.

  • The eye/ appearance Gold

  • Nose : Jammy fruits such as apricots, peaches and pineapple

  • Taste – sweet, acidic, tannic etc : the attack is very fruity like a very good honey. Fruits notes and a good acidity is arriving offering a perfect balance to the wine. Very dynamic palate and intense yellow fruits coming back

  • Smell : Intense apricots, peaches and pineapple

  • Weight – light bodied, medium, full bodied etc : full bodied

Château Dauphiné-Rondillon: Product
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